Aurora Borealis Crystal Heart Necklace

$59.95 $129.95

This is a special Heart-shaped Austria Pendant. Magnificent design that complements the contemporary look, these distinctive earrings add a sophisticated touch to your jewelry box.
Wearing this necklace is a reminder that you are always cared for and loved!
The beauty of this necklace goes well beyond its timeless design. It is masterfully crafted to shine, sparkle, and be an inspirational spark.
Get this as a memorable gift for someone special or yourself that will receive nothing but compliments.

Setting Information

  • Authentic Austria Crystals (model:6240)
  • Crystal stone size:17mm
  • Crystal stone color: Aurora Borealis
  • Pendant size:21mm*18mm
  • Chain length:45cm+5cm 
  • Plating process: platinum plating

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